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How to Use Alipay Wallet?

About Alipay wallet functions, top up, withdrawal, transfer, receive and so on.
Posted on Mar 29, 2019

1.Top up & Withdrawal

Tap "Balance" and then tap "Top Up" to transfer money from your bank card to your Alipay balance. Or tap "Withdrawal" to do the opposite.



Alipay charges a 0.1% commission when you make a withdrawal.


In terms of Alipay, there are three main ways to transfer money to other people.

a. Transfer to Friends

Tap "transfer" in a dialogue to send money to your friend.


b. Transfer by Scanning QR Code

When transacting, people who receive the money will provide you with their Alipay QR codes. Scan the QR codes to transfer money.


c. Pay Vendor

If you find this Alipay pay logo at the cashier or in a store, it is possible for you to pay the vendor by providing your Alipay QR code.

* Tap "pay" and show the QR code to the cashier;

* The Cashier will input the amount and scan your code;

* Your expense will be automatically deducted from your Alipay account.


Double check the amount of money deducted from your Alipay every time after the cashier scans your QR code.


a. Receive Money by Showing QR Code

You can receive money from others by providing your receiving QR code.

As can be seen from the following picture, tap "Collect" then your QR code will be available to the others.


b. Receive Money by Go Dutch

* Tap "Go Dutch"


* Input the total amount of money you would like to collect and select the number of people, finally, tap "Initiate collection".


4. Check the Transaction Limit

The transaction limit depends on the bank you are using. You could check the transaction limit in your "Bank Cards".

"Me" - Bank Cards - press any of your bank card - "Transfer" - "Limit".


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We Accept Multiple Payment Methods

  • 支持全球主流币种如美金、加元、日元、欧元、港币、台币等进行支付
  • 支持全球主流币种如美金、加元、日元、欧元、港币、台币等进行支付
  • 支持全球主流币种如美金、加元、日元、欧元、港币、台币等进行支付
  • 支持全球主流币种如美金、加元、日元、欧元、港币等进行支付
  • 支持马币进行支付
  • 支持台币进行支付
  • 支持马币进行支付
  • 支持马币进行支付
  • 支持人民币进行支付
  • 支持欧元进行支付
  • 支持全球主流币种如美金、欧元、港币等进行支付
  • 支持欧元进行支付
  • 支持美金、欧元、英镑等进行支付
  • 支持菲律宾比索进行支付
  • 支持马币进行支付
  • 支持新加坡元进行支付
  • 支持美金、欧元、卢布进行支付
  • 支持美金、欧元、卢布进行支付