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Announcement Of Recent Fraud By Others Using The VPAYFAST Platform

Please do not disclose your VPAYFAST account and order information to others >>
Posted on Sep 28, 2022

Serious Announcement

Recently, we have received the feedback from customers that some fraudulent gangs have invited customers to participate in some paid Internet projects on the pretext of luring them to place orders and pay on the VPAYFAST platform and asking them to provide order number information, and then impersonating them to receive goods, resulting in their money being cheated.

In view of these situations, we would like to remind you that:

1. please do not disclose your personal information and VPAYFAST account information to others, including but not limited to personal identification information, bank account information, VPAYFAST account number, VPAYFAST order number, etc.

2. Do not trust the information of strangers who ask for payment in advance in various reasons, be wary of online shopping, swiping, investment, online dating, and other scams, protect your money and beware of fraud.

3. Our company will do our best to protect the legitimate rights and interests of our customers based on the principle of customer first. And we would like to remind our customers again that there are various online scams, so please be alert and make sure to verify the online information to avoid property losses.

4. If you need help, you can contact the VPAYFAST platform "24-hour online customer service" at the first time.

Hereby Declare!
VPAYFAST Official Team

We Accept Multiple Payment Methods

  • 支持全球主流币种如美金、加元、日元、欧元、港币、台币等进行支付
  • 支持全球主流币种如美金、加元、日元、欧元、港币、台币等进行支付
  • 支持全球主流币种如美金、加元、日元、欧元、港币、台币等进行支付
  • 支持马币进行支付
  • 支持台币进行支付
  • 支持马币进行支付
  • 支持马币进行支付
  • 支持欧元进行支付
  • 支持全球主流币种如美金、欧元、港币等进行支付
  • 支持欧元进行支付
  • 支持美金、欧元、英镑等进行支付
  • 支持菲律宾比索进行支付
  • 支持马币进行支付
  • 支持新加坡元进行支付
  • 支持美金、欧元、卢布进行支付