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Notice! "Douyin Coins" has been renamed to "Douyin Diamonds" on Jan. 9th, 2024

Douyin Diamonds = Douyin Coins! The related functions and benefits will not be changed.
Posted on Jan 09, 2024


Hi dear customers,

There is a notice from Douyin official website:

Douyin Coins has been changed to Douyin Diamonds on Jan. 9th, 2024. But related functions and benefits will not be changed.

Yes, Douyin's virtual currency has been named Douyin diamonds now.

That is to say, Douyin diamonds is original Douyin coins. Douyin Diamonds = Douyin Coins!

Don't care the changed name, you can also recharge and use Douyin diamonds like the original Douyin coins.

How to recharge Douyin diamonds on VPAYFAST?

Actually recharge Douyin diamonds is same with Douyin coins.

Let's have a look:

1. Enter vpayfast.com, sign up or log in;

2. Find Douyin recharge on the homepage or enter the product page via this link: https://www.vpayfast.com/product/detail/8114

3. Select the specification and quantity of diamonds, then choose the currency;

Recommend you buy special offers:

Get extra&No limits

15980 Diamonds (+600 Diamonds)

1 order/day

980 Diamonds (13%OFF)

10000 Diamonds (13%OFF)

30000 Diamonds (13%OFF)

These specifications are very cheap!

4. Fill in Douyin Account ID, confirm ID, nickname and head sculpture. Then fill in contact information and discount code if you have;

5. Choose the payment method and pay;

6. We will recharge Douyin diamonds for you after receiving payment;

7. You can go to your Douyin wallet to check diamonds within 1 minute.

So recharge Douyin diamonds is same with Douyin coins totally, their value, recharge percent, specification and price is not changed except the name.

Let's start to recharge Douyin diamonds now~

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