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Customer Reviews
  • By angcojamila****@yahoo.com
    on Dec 30, 2019
    I have been using vpayfast to recharge my wechat wallet for a year and they never disappoint. I recommend their service! 100% legitimate
  • By keelag****@gmail.com
    on Dec 30, 2019
    Very efficient.
  • By bs****@xsmail.com
    on Dec 29, 2019
    Excellent Service! Highly Recommended!
  • By aeron****@hotmail.com
    on Dec 29, 2019
    Very helpful in solving customer's issue. Very fast services
  • By keelag****@gmail.com
    on Dec 28, 2019
    Amazing service....thanks for helping our family! Excellent customer service!
  • By sarah_is_blas****@hotmail.com
    on Dec 26, 2019
    Smooth transaction as always! Thank you for the help from the customer service line as I got a bit lost. 真的非常感谢您们的帮助!(迟一天的)圣诞快乐!
  • By pcma****@gmail.com
    on Dec 24, 2019
    It took some steps to find how this works, but once it works it´s a great, reliable and very fast way to transfer money to your WeChat account. Thank you very much for your service Regards Marcel
  • By cy****@hotmail.com
    on Dec 18, 2019
    Very good
  • By ytm****@yahoo.com
    on Dec 17, 2019
  • By cld****@gmail.com
    on Dec 13, 2019
    Excellent customer service. Issues are solved in 5 minutes.